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It started in 1955...a classic New England town's love affair with a homemade donut so delicious, 50-year loyalists deem it their go-to spot for launching their day, while destination diners plan vacations around their visits.

Yes, 1955 was the year Kane's Donuts opened its doors to residents of Saugus, Mass., a blue-collar enclave outside Boston’s city limits. Today, amid a sea of sameness from donut shops and breakfast joints that compete with cookie-cutter locations, Kane's is a Massachusetts icon with a steadfast tradition of serving artisanal donuts prepared fresh daily, and made fresh with local ingredients.

Owned by Peter and Kay Delios, then passed on to their children, today their legacy continues with the five siblings propelling the the shop's nationally recognized success, all the while teaching the next generation about the history and love that goes into making those satisfying, single-serving guilty pleasures commonly known as donuts (...not to mention award-winning, black raspberry and cream-filled Bismarks), the Kane family's legacy continues with five Delios family siblings propelling the shop's success.

People call Kane's quaint, with its coastal colors, local artwork, and family-friendly atmosphere that pays no neverminds to shouts of glee from donut lovers in high chairs. But the serious quality of our products speaks for itself: From television to print, our award-winning donuts have landed Kane's on national "Top-10 Best Of" lists honoring the finest in our specialty’s genre.

Pick up a regular donut and all you see is a hole. Look through the hole of a Kane's donut, and you’ll see a legacy of authenticity. Spiced. Sprinkled. Frosted. Glazed. Pillowy. Creamy. Gooey. Refined. Decadent. Delicious. Since donut eating needs no reason, come taste our legacy.

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